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Impressive results at Brudenell Estates

Strategic planning £m added to the balance sheet and £m none-core property identified for sale
General reporting Production of financial reports; supporting informed decision making
Valuations Reduction in Red Book Valuation fees due to information readily available
Property management Approx £25,000 pa saved in estate office function through efficient data management
Insurance renewals 25% reduction in premium, despite a x 5 increase in reinstatement value
Planning permissions £m barn conversions consented within last 12 months
Development potential £m barn conversions identified for implementation on a rolling sale programme
Finance Helping in consolidation of loans
Benchmarking Check performance against other estates; focus on cost centres (£)
Accessibility of data Transfer of data and information for professionals
Paperless The Brudenell Estate office is now virtually paperless
Liabilities Hazards identified; including asbestos, metal oil tanks and overhead cables
Tax planning Tracking ownership and values (£)
Heritage exemption Evidence in discussions with HMRC


It’s all in the name

Estate Asset Capture (EAC) captures every detail of your estate’s assets through site surveying, drone technology and office research (incorporating information you already hold). Then, by designing a coding system, anchors all the information within your estate terrier database (for example KEYPrime) and links it to your accounts. This allows for almost instant access to any report or answer you need and facilitates a paperless office.
The EAC approach and system is flexible. Your estate can benefit from the whole package, or just part; whether it’s drone surveys or consultancy and support. And EAC is with you all the way to ensure your team make the most of this investment.

Supporting your estate

Estate Asset Capture (EAC) works on a consultancy basis in the rural sector, transforming the function of estate offices and improving efficiency to pave the way for a sustainable future.
The EAC team is practical, friendly and knowledgeable and will work alongside your existing team, supporting you to make informed decisions about your estate.
Working through the EAC process will produce immediate and ongoing financial benefits.

Anchoring knowledge

  • EAC frees your team to work more efficiently, firefight less, creating time and resources for strategic management.
  • Digitising estate maps and important documents allows information to be quickly accessed and shared, saving time and money.
  • Aerial survey imagery, accessed via the internet, provides a powerful illustrative tool for building repair quotes and development consultation.
  • Site survey data, from area measurements to locating asbestos, integrated with cost data helps manage risks, optimise insurance and plan maintenance.
  • Coding design within your estate terrier integrates property and accounting; allowing you to track yields, benchmark, plan cash flow and more.
  • Diligent cross-checking of all data ensures a robust and reliable system for you to build on.


Every built asset is inspected from ground level and above and given a unique code. This information assists with everything from insurance renewals to health and safety reporting. It helps identify development potential and support planning proposals.


Every existing document, deed and tenancy agreement is reviewed and filed electronically. This puts every piece of information at your finger tips, saving significant time and money in resolving day-to-day issues.


The really clever bit is tuning your estate terrier to deliver the answers you need at the touch of a few buttons. Running reports will streamline every aspect of estate management. You’ll be able to do in days what might have taken weeks before.

Like what we offer?

Get in touch and we’ll arrange a visit to the Brudenell Estate to demonstrate the system


Meet the team


Graduated from Harper Adams in ’95 with a BSc (Hons) in Rural Enterprise and Land Management, and qualified as a rural practice chartered surveyor in ’97. Worked with Savills and Strutt & Parker, and as a resident agent in South West England, Scotland and now Northamptonshire.


BA in Planning and Countryside Management from Cheltenham ’95, MA in Town and Country Planning from Bristol in ’97. Diverse background including rural research, planning and rural economic development within the government sector, local authority and private sector.


Chartered building surveyor, graduating in ’97 from Salford University and qualifying in ’98. Wide and varied experience from corporate, private client and contractor perspectives across commercial, residential and property management sectors.


Graduated from Surrey in ’94 with BEng (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering. Later working in motorcycle journalism and photography before gaining CAA permissions for aerial work with drones for photography, video, mapping and surveying.